The Hard Core Advanced Excel Class
($189 Live ZOOM Online Class)

Take Excel to the NEXT LEVEL with INDEX/MATCH, XLOOKUP, advanced Logic, text manipulation, {array} formulas, calendars, design, and automation with simple MACROS

WARNING: If you can't do a VLOOKUP or have never used an IF function or Pivot Table, I strongly recommend that you take my "Life or Death" Excel Essentials Class". Click Here.

Upcoming Classes: Summer 2020
Note: each class totals 5 hours, meeting for 2.5 hours Tuesday &  2.5 more hours on Thursday

  • Tomorrow:
    Tues, Aug 18 & Thurs, Aug 20
    (10:00 am -12:30 pm) 

  • Tomorrow:
    Tues, Aug 18 & Thurs, Aug 20
    (5:00 pm -7:30 pm) 

  • Tues, Sep1 & Thurs, Sep 3
    (2:00 pm -4:30 pm) 

Time zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada) 

    What I Cover:

    • The Big Picture

      Excel becomes an absolute mess if you're not utilizing proper design techniques. We will learn even more ways to keep our spreadsheets organized so they can scale for the future! When you add more data, the spreadsheet should easily scale, not CRACK. As I teach in the "Life or Death Essentials Class", this is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

    • A Quick Review of the World

      We will do a very quick review of the shortcuts, VLOOKUPS, Pivot Tables, IF functions, and core essentials. However, if you've never done a VLOOKUP, I strongly recommend my "Life or Death Essentials" class. 

    • Magical Tables that "Grow"

      If you're not using dynamically expanding "tables", you're not using Excel properly! We will utilize the full magical power of these "tables", along with a new powerful and CLEAN way to reference them with STRUCTURED FORMULAS. Say goodbye to long formulas that look like JUNK.

    • Advanced Logic

      If this is TRUE, THEN do that.... but IF this AND this AND this are true, do something else. By the way if EITHER this or this is true, this special thing must happen. Otherwise, just KILL ME NOW. Yes, dealing with IF/AND/OR logic and decision trees can be confusing. There's also a new function called IFS. I will make it feel easy.

    • Beyond VLOOKUP with INDEX/MATCH

      What happens when you need a lookup formula but VLOOKUP just doesn't cut it? Sick of counting columns? INDEX/MATCH and OFFSET are your new best friends. We'll also cover the cool new XLOOKUP, which does it all!

    • Advanced SUMIFS and COUNTIFS

      Let's find a total Revenue in a column whenever the word "dinosaur" is CONTAINED within a phrase in the animal column, only between a certain date range. We will learn the full potential of SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS, and more. 

    • {Dynamic Array Formulas}

      You've seen formulas before that have these weird {things} around them. Time to learn what this means once and for all! It's extremely powerful and allows you to make dynamic arrays that change shape automatically. Also, just like we can SUMIF and COUNTIF, imagine making your own "ANYTHING-IF". Now you can with array formulas.

    • Dealing with Dates and Calendars

      Say goodbye to the nightmare of re-grouping your totals by date, by week, by month, or by those strange retail months that never seem to align with actual months! We will learn, once and for all, how to master tricky date/calendar issues in Excel.

    • Troubleshooting the MESS

      When spreadsheets start getting so slow Windows actually "stops responding". You wonder if the computer has crashed. We will learn how to repair and improve the performance of slow JUNK workbooks to avoid this. 

    • And More Mental Torture

      I promise your brain will be fried after taking this class. You'll have homework and great materials you can keep too. 

    Meet Your Guru

    Excel Mike

    Founder, Easy Learning Labs

    After escaping Wall Street, Michael went on to design one of New York's most coveted Excel training programs.


    Michael has trained over 50,000 students for clients including JP Morgan, Cole Haan, Kate Spade, RBC, TripAdvisor, Goldman Sachs and Spotify. 


    Michael's teaching style is highly unconventional, wildly entertaining, and may induce learning. He holds a bachelor's degree from NYU.

    I've seldom learned as much while laughing (or laughed as much while learning). Mike's class is brilliant and, no matter your skill set, age or profession, you simply cannot find a better teacher. Highly recommend checking him out. You'll quickly realize that it's one of the best investments you'll make in your business and your career.


    When I think about the time we've saved using the approaches we learned in Mike's class, I have to say, it's difficult to imagine a better return-on-investment. But, when I think about the clients we've impressed with the skill set honed in Mike's class, it's honestly one of our most powerful secret weapons."


    Mike is a rare talent. He's patient but not condescending, he repeats without being repetitious, he's funny without shtick. In the end, you have fun while you learn more than you would anywhere else. If you want to be in the top 2% of Excel users, take his class. Don't wait. Your career may depend on it.

    PJ Leary

    Owner, PJL Media LLC

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    • Is this class really live?

      Yes! I will personally be hosting the class LIVE and you'll be able to see me and ask me questions. 

    • I work in Finance (or whatever weird industry). Is this financial enough?

      This is an in-depth class about HOW to design sophisticated Excel spreadsheets. This applies to ALL INDUSTRIES. And I'm not just saying that. I can't tell you how many times I see garbage spreadsheets on Wall Street that barely function. I am often hired to clean up such messes. No, this class is not specifically about "finance". I promise you, however, that this stuff is MORE important than learning how to build a financial pricing model. If you don't use the design techniques I teach, you most certainly are making MESSES in Excel. Read more about how the whole world is using Excel the wrong way.

    • Is this class too hard core for me?

      Unless you're completely comfortable using IF functions, Pivot Tables, and VLOOKUPS, yes, it's probably too hardcore. I  will make it look easy, but this class is HARD CORE. You might even die. I strongly suggest you take my "Life or Death Excel Essentials" Class. 

    • What if I registered for class but can't make it?

      All registrants will automatically get an email the night after class with a video recording of the class you missed. You'll have 14 days to watch it!

      The thing that I really appreciate about Mike is that he was a practitioner in Finance before he was in instructor.
      And the thing that he's really good at doing is taking things that seem really complicated.. and makes them simple and easy to understand.

      So now, what used to take me a half-hour in Excel only takes me a few minutes. I was so impressed with what I learned in the course, I invited Mike to my college to teach my undergraduates, which he did, and it was great.


      So here's the deal. In this economy, time is the new currency. And whether you're a student or a professional, or you're thinking about improving your professional opportunities, you've got to take this course. It's the best investment you can make.​

      Dawn Fotopulos

      Award-winning Business Author
      Founder of Hidden Profit Academy

      Mike consistently delivers excellent results for Horizon Media employees. We've worked with him for many years and our people continue to ask for him by name, wanting to know when he'll be returning for another session. His fun and engaging teaching style has helped countless employees learn time-saving Excel best practices.

      Chelsea Ramsey

      Learning & Development
      Horizon Media

      Quite frankly, what you learn in that class becomes a superpower. And I want all my friends to have access to the same superpowers. This class is fun and enlightening on all levels. Highly recommended.

      PJ Leary

      Founder, PJL Media

      This is genuinely the best Excel course you will ever take! If you even remotely need to learn how to use excel you will never find a better instructor-- don't let the picture intimidate you!


      He is the the funniest, most genuine, and most importantly  knowledgeable excel teacher not just in NYC but anywhere. I never thought I would say this but I actually had FUN learning Excel. His humor and expertise make for an extremely engaging course that you will likely remember a long time.


      If you want to learn how to use Excel this is the course for you.


      Matias Chaoul

      Assistant Analyst, Finance

      I signed up for Mike's 2-session Excel foundation course. A lot of this course was a repeat of things I knew. HOWEVER, there was so much he covered that I didn't know - like shortcuts and logic used for formula creation.


      He enabled me to streamline how I think and use Excel - including how to organize data, identify and use the optimal functions and formulas and produce the final output and goal - report dashboards highlighting the metrics important to my stakeholders. 


      I'm looking forward to them along with his hilarious and un-intimidating teaching style!


      Susan W

      Dashboard Designer

      This class with Mike was so much fun! He really cared about everybody who was in the class, and made sure that people were understanding what they were supposed to. It just was an amazing class, and I highly recommend it.

      Julie Denini

      Property Management Team
      Stricker CRE


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